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    Our SoyNyack® (soy bean based konjac noodles) was featured on NHK News Web!


    What is Konjac?


    Konjac potato is a plant used as a raw material for Konjac, and it takes about 3 years to grow to harvestable size.

    Many are native to South-east Asia and are said to be about 130 types,

    but most of them are different from those harvested in Japan

    and are not suitable for Konjac products.


    Gunma Prefecture is Japan's No.1 Konjac production, and its share is approximately 91% (2013).



    Rich in dietary fiber and low calories

    Konjac has been said to improve our body condition from ancient times. Around the winter solstice, it has been eaten with the meaning of substantial body control and to remove a bad luck.


    More than 95% of the components of konjac are water, and glucomannan is a main component after removing water. It is said that konjac is hardly digested in the human digestive tract and is partially converted into fatty acids by microorganisms in the intestine for use. For this reason, it is a food with extremely low calories (5 to 7 kcal per 100 g), and is used as the best food material for those who need diet and calorie control. Glucomannan is a typical dietary fiber and is said to have the effect of lowering blood sugar level and blood cholesterol and has an Immune-enhancing activity.

    High heat-resistant

    Konjac has a high heat resistant, which means that it will not melt or over-cooked. Flour based noodles tend to absorb moisture and grow over time after boiling, however konjac based noodles stay consistent because of their physical properties are stable. By taking advantage of these characteristics, it is possible to warm up heat-sensitive foods, to distribute at normal temperature, and to produce soup canned or retort items as a new way of utilization.

  • SoyNyack® Noodles


    It's Easy! Tasty! Healthy!



    SoyNyack® is a gluten free soybean konjac noodle like pasta with low carbs, low calories, and some proteins.

    Ready-to-eat white flat noodles made with konjac and soybeans

    have a silky texture and are also perfect with sesami sauce and salad. Enjoy hot or cold!



    Easy preparation

    Great taste last for 365 days

    And Gluten Free!

  • Why Konjac?

    Gluten free

    Vegan friendly

    Low carb

    Low calorie

    Dietary Fiber

  • Our products

    We deliver our products with a tradition and an unique texture of Konjac

    using carefully selected konjac potatoes and a fresh water from Gunma.


    75 kcal/ serving


    -Konjac powder (domestic)

    -Soy Flour /Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant for



    Standard 120g

    Best for 12 months

    Soybean Konjac Noodle

    11 kcal/100g


    -Konjac powder (domestic)

    -Edamame flour / Coloring (Chlorella) Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant for konjac) including soy


    Standard 200 g x 2

    Best for 10 months

    Sesame Tofu Konjac

    18 kcal/100g


    -Konjac powder (domestic)
    -Sesami Tofu flour/Calcium hydroxide(Coagulant for

    konjac including sesami and soy


    Standard 200g x 2

    Best for 10 months

    Yuba Konjac

    17 kcal/100g

    -Konjac powder (domestic)
    -Tofu flour/Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant for konjac)

    including Soybean


    Standard 120g x 2

    Best for 10 months

    Namaimo (Raw Potato) Konjac

    7 kcal/100g

    -Konjac potato and powder (domestic)
    -Seaweed powder/Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant

    for konjac)


    Standard 250g

    Best for 10 months

    Namaimo (Raw Potato) Shirataki

    5 kcal/100g

    -Konjac potato and powder (domestic)

    -Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant for konjac)



    Standard 180g

    Best for 10 months


    5 kcal/100g

    -Konjac powder (domestic)/ Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant for konjac)



    Standard 180g

    Best for 12 months

    Konjac Balls

    5 kcal/100g

    -Konjac powder (domestic)
    -Tofu flour/Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant for konjac)

    including Soybean



    Standard 300g

    Best for 12 months

    Rice Konjac

    5 kcal/100g

    -Konjac powder (domestic)
    -Tofu flour/Calcium hydroxide (Coagulant for konjac)

    including Soybean



    Standard 150g

    Best for 12 months

  • How to prepare SoyNyack®?

    It's simple & easy!


    Open a package and

    rinse them with cold water.


    Place toppings like vegetables.


    Serve with your favorite sauce.

  • Sample dishes

    Great varieties of dishes can be possible on your table!

    SoyNyack® Salad Udon

    Edamame Konjac Pasta

    Edamame Konjac Soba

    SoyNyack® Tempura Udon

    SoyNyack® Pescatore

    Konjac Ramen

    Myoga Salad Udon

    Tomato sauce pasta

    Curry Udon

    Edamame Konjac Salad

    SoyNyack® Carbonara

  • About us


    Tsutomu Foods is a food manufacturer in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture.

    We are an expert on konjac noodles and other konjac products.


    Please click on the following video for SoyNyack® and our company's virtual tour!

  • Our passion

    Cultural food 「Konjac」

    Konjac has been said to improve our body condition from ancient times. Around the winter solstice, it has been eaten with the meaning of substantial body control and to remove a bad luck.


    In recent years, it has been an attracting food as a healthy dietary product which is suitable for calorie control.



    Konjac is a traditional and a cultural food, and Tsutomu Foods continues on challenging by providing a delicious Konjac and healthy life style to our customers everyday.


    Carefully selected Konjac potatoes

    Good quality Konjac potatoes and clean water are essential for making delicious konjac. It is "resilient texture" that determines konjac taste.

    The quality of the water and the viscosity of konjac potatoes have a great impact. The water ratio (*) for a konjac potato is 30 times to 60 times higher than other product.

    Konjac potato is also a delicate food that dislikes moisture and is susceptible to diseases.


    Sunny and well-drained soil in wide slopes are essential for high quality and high viscosity konjac potatoes production.

    We continue to make a high-quality and delicious products with Gunma's konjac potatoes and water.


    (* Water ratio: Ratio of water to raw material when adding water to raw material powder to make solid food)

    Quality safety and High productivity

    Originally, Konjac manufacturing requires a heavy labor power using a large amount of cold water in all processes such as milling, molding, and boiling.



    All the production processes from manufacturing to shipping are managed by well experienced staffs, however some processes are handled by machinery equipment.



    By maintaining Konjac's taste and its quality, we continue on fulfilling customer's needs by controlling a volume of production.

  • Company Profile


    100% customer satisfaction

    100% taste guarantee

    100% our passion 


    Message from Company representative


    In the 21st century, Japan is facing an era of excessive foods.

    At the same time, age-related adult dieses is increasing and starting at lower age.


    "Food is medicine" means that a balanced diet leads to a healthy body.

    Japanese food culture is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world and that we should not forget and try to incorporate it with current circumstances.


    We are committed to provide a deliciousness and an effectiveness of konjac product to the tables across the world.
    We appreciate for your continuous support on Tsutomu Foods and our konjac products.

    Corporate Profile

    Company name

    Tsutomu Foods Co., Ltd.
    Address138-1 Nogami, Tomioka, Gunma, 370-2323
    TEL +81 0274-62-4806
    FAX +81 0274-62-4809
    RepresentativeTsutomu  Tsuchiya
    Capital3 million yen
    Number of employees                15
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